We here at Oddmonton are committed to bringing you high quality & legal rarities from around the world. Some items unfortunately cannot be shipped outside of Canada, but many items can be shipped worldwide.
Please remember - it is up to you to know your local laws & regulations. Oddmonton will not sell any item that is illegal, or attempt to export any item that is restricted based on Canada's regulations. While we try to stay on top of as many international regulations as we can, things tend to change and sometimes we are not aware of the changes.
Also remember that Customs in any country has the right to inspect, deny, and/or seize any item they see fit, based on any reason. Oddmonton is not responsible for any item seized or lost while in transit. Insurance requests are in the hands of the purchaser - if you would like to purchase insurance for your package please let us know at the time of order via our Contact Us page.
If you have any questions or comments about the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.